Here are some documents to help you with the fitting and care of your Matt’s Soft Tops and related products.

Please email or call if you have any questions or need further advice, we are happy to help.

The documents are in PDF format and will be downloaded onto your device.

Fitting Your Internally Opening 2CV Hood
Fitting Your Externally Opening 2CV Hood
Fitting Your Dyane Hood
Fitting Your Dyane Weather Strip

Maintaining and Reproofing Your Hood
Fitting Your Sunshade
Fitting Your Thermal Liner
Wiring Your Heated Rear Window

Seat Fitting Instructions

Eriba Roof Fitting Instructions:

Eriba Puck Mk 1 & 2

Eriba Puck Mk 3

Eriba Pan, Familia, Triton, Troll

Eriba canvas (later type)