As fellow 2CV owners we are sure you appreciate that your car requires not only the best in maintenance and care, but also the best accessories. Once it was taken for granted when you bought a hood for your 2CV or Dyane that after a year or two it would start to shrink, crack and fade. In some cases it would develop mould, or condensation would drip onto your neck every time you turned a corner. Inevitably, your hood would split and let the rain in, but you took all these things in your stride.

Since 1996 you have had an alternative. Matt’s Soft Tops are not made from the traditional vinyl or plastic which have caused so many problems. They are made from acrylic canvas which goes on looking as good as new year after year. No shrinkage, no cracking, no problems.

With our huge range of plain colours and stripes you are certain to find something to enhance your 2CV or Dyane. We can produce Deckchair stripes in any combination of two colours, one for the background and the other for the 3 applied stripes (seven stripes in total).

Not only do we do heated rear windows for 2CVs, but now we do them for DYANES TOO!

We hope that you enjoy looking around our website.

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Please email them to ‘Before and After’ photos are particularly welcome!